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Ensure the safety of your vehicles and drivers with a reliable vehicle tracking system. Embrace automated solutions to maintain a productive and optimized fleet.

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What is a Fleet Management System?

What is Vehicle Monitoring Software

Software for vehicle tracking allows you to track your vehicles in real time. But the software is not only located to this but offers holistic solutions that will enable businesses to optimize their operations. The solutions provide driver behavior analysis, vehicle maintenance scheduling, journey history, fuel management, and refining planned routes.

The system is super efficient as it sends real time notifications and alerts to managers that help to prevent time and fuel theft. In addition, through the telematics solution, driver behavior can be monitored, which allows for avoiding reckless driving..

What We Offer

What are The Solutions Offered by The White Label Vehicle Tracking Platform

Our truck monitoring software comes loaded with several automated solutions that make monitoring a cakewalk.

Fuel Monitoring Solutions

Monitor real time fuel consumption and economy through this solution. Detailed reports can be generated indicating usage. Managers are notified when a sudden drop or spike in the fuel level. This helps to prevent fuel theft.

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Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Track and analyze the driving behavior of the driver in real time. The solution helps to maintain the safety of the vehicle and driver. Managers are alerted whenever the driver harshly accelerates, corners, suddenly brakes, etc. All of this affects the driver's driving score.

Driver Behaviour Monitoring
Video Telematics Software

Video Telematics Software

We even offer AI assistance through video telematics solutions. Monitor 360° of your vehicles in real time to prevent accidents and reckless driving. Through ADAS and DMS, whenever the drivers are frequently changing lanes or are feeling drowsy, distracted, or smoking.

Route Planning Solutions

Optimize route planning through the solution. The accuracy gained through route planning allows managers to calculate precise ETAs of the vehicle to the customers and gain proof of delivery. In addition, an instant notification is received whenever the driver deviates from the set route.

Route Planning Solutions
Asset Tracking Solutions

Asset Tracking Solutions

Ensure asset safety with vehicle tracking software. Managers can live track the assets 24*7. And if carrying temperature sensitive consignments, the managers can monitor the number of times the carrier’s gates were opened. This is important for customer satisfaction.

Features Offered By The Truck Tracking Software

Besides the solution, the software even comes with great features that
can help managers ensure the operation's success.

  • Vehicle Diagnostics

    Through OBD, managers can get real-time insights on vehicle diagnostics, such as truck health, speed, fuel level, and tire pressure.

  • Geofences

    Geofence all important locations and get live alerts whenever the vehicle enters or exits that point. Managers can also get consolidated geofence reports.

  • Vehicle Safety

    Ensure the safety of not only the vehicle but also of the consignment through live streaming, even when the truck is in parking mode or immobilized.

  • Driver Management

    Manage drivers from one place. Store driver details and essential documents and manage tasks and performance reports from a single location.

  • Custom Alerts

    Customize alerts and notifications to suit the requirements of your company.

  • Access Management

    Managers can choose what data the users, admin, and drivers can access on the platform. This helps to reduce the chances of data leakage.

Industries That Can Benefit From Vehicle Tracking Software

Several industries and sectors have benefited from truck monitoring software by optimizing their operations.

  • Logistics and Transport

    Using the software, the manager can ensure that the consignment gets safely delivered along with delivery proof. It even helps to make the trip cost and time efficient.

  • Mining and Construction

    Keep track of vehicles and expensive construction equipment in real time. Generally, such sites do not have well marked routes, but the software can save the path for future use.

  • FMCG

    The vehicle monitoring platform can reduce food wastage by monitoring cold-chain vehicles. Live. Managers can carefully plan out the route in a time, cost, and fuel-efficient manner.

  • Agriculture

    Since it is difficult to calculate the farm area cultivated and harvested manually, the telematic solution makes it possible. Furthermore, the forbidden area can also be geofenced to prevent encroaching.

  • Rental Vehicles

    Through vehicle monitoring solutions, companies can safeguard their rental vehicles against theft and damage. Maintained vehicles get rented out faster, so preserve the health of the cars or trucks by scheduling checkups.

  • Waste Collection

    Waste management requires timely collection, safe handling, and systematic waste dumping. All this is only possible when truck monitoring software allows managers to track their vehicles live.

  • Public Transportation

    Optimise routes and reduce delays with the help of the software. White label vehicle tracking software provides managers with vehicle reports and analytics.

  • Medical and Healthcare

    The healthcare industry can seamlessly execute ambulance monitoring, vaccines, and medicine delivery through cold chain supply.

Why Choose Us As Your Vehicle Tracking Software Provider

When investing in a white label vehicle tracking solution, it needs to be one which can suit all the requirements
of the user. And that is why the software should offer high customization and compatibility.
This is precisely what makes us ideal for investing.

  • High Scalability

    We offer solutions that are made to be the top of the technology and suit the current citation of the market. Investing in it will help you grow and meet the current demands of the business.

  • 24*7 Support

    We offer full-time support from expert technicians who will solve any glitch you might experience while working with the software.

  • Customizability

    We offer elastic customizability, which is ideal to look for when adopting the software. Solutions, alerts, and features can all be molded to suit your demands.

  • Compatibility

    The software is compatible with the best 1000+ software and 500+ hardware, which will help to save a lot of time and extra effort for the managers. Our software’s flexibility is unbeatable.

Fleet Management Software

Frequently Asked Questions

The truck monitoring platform comes with solutions like fuel monitoring solutions, route management, driver behavior management, and video telematics software. The solutions aim to help automate the process of mentoring vehicles. For example, route management solutions help to improve the planned trip route, which can help save a lot of time. Also, if the driver deviates from the set path or stays longer than required at one stop, the manager is alerted.
The fuel management solution immediately notifies managers when there is a sudden drop or spike in the fuel level. Also, the fuel price of each state is displayed. In addition, the software provides managers with vehicle health metrics, allowing them to schedule checkups, thus avoiding unforeseen repairs and costs.

Our software is super flexible and compatible with 500+ hardware and 1000+ software, making vehicle monitoring software even more lucrative. Also, it is great for time and productivity saving. Businesses have higher scalability when they invest in software that can easily integrate with other systems through API.

ADAS ( Advanced Driver Assistance System) and DMS (Driver Management System) are essential to monitor driver behavior and ensuring the safety of the vehicle and the driver. DMS uses dashcams facing toward the driver. Managers are notified whenever drivers are distracted, drowsy, or drinking while driving. This affects their driver score.
Whereas ADAS uses a dashcam facing the road. The software immediately alerts you if a collision is about to happen. Incidences like frequent lane changing by the driver are recorded by the software and are visible to managers through the detailed dashboard.